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        A phrase we often hear from our children. They will scream best. day. ever at the top of their lungs for the simplest things. They see the magic in an ordinary, every day moment and so we strive to do exactly that through our photography.

        This message of embracing life’s every day, simple moments and seeing the beauty and wonder in it has been a huge part in bringing us together, not only as photographers, but as friends. We often stop mid conversation just to point out something that catches our eye and makes us smile. The way a child reaches up for their parent’s hand, a secret shared between two little friends, or the look on a grandparent’s face as they watch their grandchild perform in the school recital. We often think to ourselves what a perfect moment and wish we could bring our camera everywhere to capture them.

        best. day. ever. started off pretty simply, but ended up turning into a much bigger concept from a combination of several little ideas. In short, best. day. ever. is our version of pay it forward. It is essentially a do-good, feel-good program, and we want to get everyone involved!

        We have so many ideas that we want to bring to life; some small, some big. We created this little blog to keep you up-to-date on how we are giving back and spreading the best. day. ever.!


        We hope you’ll join the fun!

        ~The Lucky Eden Team


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